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researchResearch is a traditionally predominant area at the Faculty of Forestry as it is vital to maintain high standards of higher education. Research is done mainly within the cooperating institutes. However, recently there have been several examples of cooperation between different institutional units and sharing work between the faculties. The future of forestry education lies in simultaneous teaching of basic and applied sciences. Besides traditional disciplines of forestry and wildlife management, environmental sciences and nature conservation courses are breaking new ground.


In order to increase efficiency and expand the scope of research themes, the Faculty cooperates with Hungarian scientific institutions, with professionals at academic and scientific institutions (Forest Research Institute), and with scientists at the partner universities and industrial research centres. The Faculty has a tradition of good connections with forest managers and the supervisory bodies of the individual disciplines. Having a traditionally high level of basic research, the education program is continuously updated to meet demands of the industry and requirements for scientific and technological research. The focus of research is on results which can be applied to practice.


To promote research work the faculty set up two centres:
1. The Environmental Protection and Resource Management Joint Research Centre (JRC) was established to enable a quick practical application of the R&D results by the involvement of a number of companies as consortium members in the research and development. The R&D activities of the Centre are divided into three distinct research areas:
a) Development of Assessment Methodology and Application of Environmental Impacts;
b) Waste Treatment and Recovery;
c) Ecoenergetics.


2. Forest and Timber Utilization Regional University Knowledge Centre (ERFARET), was established with the Faculty of Wood Sciences to enhance forest and timber utilization in the region. The Forestry Faculty cooperates with ERFARET in the following research areas:
a) Development of Forest Resources Management in the Region;
b) Nature-oriented Forest Management and Forest Conservation,
c) Technical Development of Forest Management; d) Establishing Conditions for Sustainable Wildlife Management.
The R&D work of ERFARET has gained nationwide recognition.


The funding scheme for research at universities is continually changing, and to get additional grants, the tender system will be used. Lately the members of the faculty have achieved excellent results in tendering. Beyond the development of instruments, the IT network and infrastructure, recent grants provide scope and facilities for the mobility of teachers, researchers and students, and open doors to the extension of libraries and aid the organization of conferences.

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