Proposed themes and thematic fields

Proposed themes

  • Invasive Forest Insects (Lakatos Ferenc)
  • Population Genetics of a Select Insect Species/Group (Lakatos Ferenc)
  • Analysis of Adaptive Genetic Response of Forest Tree Species to Climatic Shifts and Anomalies (Mátyás Csaba)
  • Pathogenicity and Virulence of a Devastating Forest Pathogen: Genomic and Transcriptomic Studies of Armillaria (Basidiomycetes, Fungi) (Sipos György)
  • Genetic Characterization of Invasive and Indigenous Armillaria Species in the Forests of the Carpathian Basin (Sipos György)
  • Investigation of the Food Supply Available for Ungulates in the Function of the Forest Management System (Náhlik András)
  • Diet of the Free Ranging and Urbanized Wild Boar (Náhlik András)
  • Analysis of the Browsing of Red Deer in Forest Regenerations (Náhlik András)
  • Analysis of the Browsing of Roe Deer in Forest Regenerations (Náhlik András)
  • Analysis of the Human Disturbances on the Movements and Activity of Ungulates Investigated by the Use of GPS Collars (Náhlik András)
  • Forecast of the Effect of the Climate Change on the Forest Damages Caused by Ungulates (Náhlik András)
  • Chemical Monitoring of Anaerobe Digestion (Rétfalvi Tamás)
  • Ecotoxicological Evaluation of Anaerobe Sludges (Rétfalvi Tamás)
  • Forest Management in Nature Conservation’s Service of a Selected Country (Frank Norbert)
  • Impact of the Legal Regulation on the Forest Management and on The Nature Conservation of a Selected Country (Frank Norbert)
  • Ecological, Economical, and Technical Aspects of Agroforestry Practices (Vityi Andrea)
  • Interaction Among System Components in Integrated Tree-crop Systems (Vityi Andrea)
  • Role of Trees in Climate Adaptation of Agricultural Systems (Vityi Andrea)
  • Life history, damage and natural regulating factors of invasive forest insects (Csóka György)
  • Impacts of Biodiversity on Forest Health (Csóka György)
  • Spatially enabled Decision Support Systems in Forestry (Czimber Kornél)
  • Climate Change Impact Analysis with GIS in Forestry (Czimber Kornél)
  • WebGIS in Forestry (Czimber Kornél)
  • Time Series Analysis of Satellite Images (Czimber Kornél)
  • Airborne Laser Scanning Applications in Forestry (Czimber Kornél)
  • Terrestrial Laser Scanning Applications in Forestry (Czimber Kornél)
  • Rainfall Interception by Forests (Kalicz Péter)
  • Climate Change Tendencies (Gálos Borbála)
  • Probability and Impacts of Extreme Events (Gálos Borbála)
  • Climatic Impacts of Land Cover Change (Gálos Borbála)

Thematic fields

  • bioclimatology (Mátyás Csaba)
  • ecological genetics of trees (Mátyás Csaba)
  • evapotranspiration (Gribovszki Zoltán)

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