Ph.D. degree process

Conditions of attaining Ph.D. degree:

  • master degree;
  • completing the academic commitments according to the university’s doctoral regulation;
  • successful doctoral comprehensive exam;
  • presentation of academic activity through written publications (published in volumes or accepted for edition) in approved magazines accepted by the Doctoral School. (The conditions of academic activity are determined by the doctoral programmes in the appendix and it is introduced to the applicants before enrolment.)
  • knowledge of two foreign languages necessary to the chosen field of science;
  • preparation and the submission of dissertation and theses of the dissertation prepared with the methods of academic work and also the defence of the dissertation on public disputation in front of the committee;
  • clean record.

The process of attaining Ph.D. degree:

  1. comprehensive exam
  2. first disputation
  3. public disputation


Doctoral rigorosum
The doctoral comprehensive exam is an over viewing exam showing the PhD candidate’s acquired knowledge on the chosen field of sciences.
The doctoral comprehensive exam – at the longest of two years after handling in the PhD degree attaining request – must be completed in front of the committee and public.
The doctoral comprehensive exam includes the written elaboration of an academic problem and its verbal presentation. The academic problem authorized according to the proposal made by the programme leader and accepted by the Doctoral School Committee. The PhD candidate has to be informed in writing about the accepted academic problem and the date of the comprehensive exam. The doctoral comprehensive exam has to be taken before the disputation.
Absolution from the doctoral comprehensive exam can not be given.

First disputation
To help the candidate the dissertation – before it is completed – has to be presented at the professionally competent educational and organisational unit. The first disputation of the doctoral dissertation is before the public disputation.
In the course of this disputation the candidates has to perform their own work, the used foreign results, the processed literature, the applied methods, the right of the conclusions and the applicability of the final result.
One month after the first disputation the dissertation can be handed into the public disputation.

The public disputation
The main results of the doctoral dissertation have to be summarised in some thesis. These have to be prepared in printed and electronic form.
The doctoral dissertation in five similar bounded copies has to be submitted together with the followings:
the report and the attendance register made on the first disputation;
thesis in written form;
the dissertation and the text;

  • the short, maximum 8-10 rows long abstract;
  • the maximum one page long curriculum vitae written in third person singular;
  • the list of publications connected to the dissertation’s subject – including the off-prints of publications or together with the for the edition accepted declaration;
  • the written declaration of the programme leader about the publication activity;
  • declaration in which the joint-authors agree to use the results edited in the common publication to the doctoral dissertation;
  • the certified copy of foreign language certificates;
  • cheque which justifies the cash in of the procedure’s fee.

The public disputation of the dissertation
The public disputation is after a successful doctoral comprehensive exam and first disputation.
At the public disputation the candidates introduce shortly (the maximum of 20 minutes long) the main results of their PhD work and the thesis. Subsequently the reviewers judge their opinion. After all the candidates answer the questions and comments asked and told by the reviewers and the participants of the public disputation.
After ending the public disputation the reviewer committee decides about the result of the disputation in ballot. The opponents also take part in the score. The dissertation can be accepted if the points altogether reach the 66,6% of the total attainable points.
After the termination the chairman introduces the result of the disputation.
If the disputation is unsuccessful, it can not be repeated. The candidate can handle in a dissertation in a similar topic only 2 years later (the earliest).

The evaluation of PhD degree is calculated
The evaluation of the PhD degree is calculated by the Council of the Doctoral School by taking the average of the % result of the successful PhD comprehensive exam and the % result given by the reviewer committee. If it is above 91% the evaluation is ‘summa cum laude’ (excellent), if it is under 91% but above 81% then ‘cum laude’ (good). Has to be got ‘rite’ (passed) 66,6% has to be scored.

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