Faculty of Forestry, Sopron

The Faculty of Forestry has a significant scientific capacity. Its research strategy fits into the research-development innovation strategy of the University of Sopron; it represents the areas of science characteristic of the faculty, and serves as a basis for a high level university education.


Its most important research areas are: the forest as an ecosystem, the natural and economic conditions of forest management, impact assessment of the changing environment (e.g. climate change), nature conservation, wildlife biology - wildlife management, molecular bases of the physiological processes of forest trees and dendro-chemistry.


The demonstration school of the Faculty is the Roth Gyula Demonstration Vocational Secondary School and Student Hostel, where there is forestry, wildlife management and environment protection technician education in addition to secondary-school studies.


According to a student opinion poll, made by the National Higher Education Information Centre (OFIK), published under the title “Universities on the Balance” in 2005, the Forestry Faculty of the University of Sopron is the faculty with the best atmosphere.


The Faculty of Forestry received the Civitas Fidelissima award from the Mayor of Sopron on the “Day of Fidelity” in 2008.

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