Short history of the Faculty


The predecessor of the Faculty of Forestry was the Training School for Mining Officers founded by Charles the Third in Selmecbánya (today in Slovakia) in 1735.

In 1807 the Chamber of Royal Mint established the Forestry School within the Mining Academy. The first lectures were given in 1809; therefore this year is regarded as the year of foundation of the legal predecessor of the Faculty of Forestry.

In 1919 Selmecbánya became part of the newly formed country of Czechoslovakia and the school moved to Sopron. To accommodate the institution, the town offered the school a building complex in a ten-hectare park. The buildings in the park had served as the Hungarian Royal Military School.

The Faculty of Forestry currently operates in this location, in the wonderful surroundings of the thriving Botanical Garden. The buildings were completely renovated in 2006/2007. Students of the Faculty were influential in the plebiscite in 1921; their efforts and activities helped Sopron remain a Hungarian city.

After the defeat of the 1956 Revolution, a large number of teachers and students left the country. Most went to Canada and formed the Hungarian division of the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia where they completed their studies.

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