Education at the Faculty of Forestry


Our students can study in a dynamically developing university environment; the large-scale infrastructural developments in recent years modernised the teaching environment and improved the comfort of student life. There are several facilities for sports, entertainment, useful and pleasant leisure time activities.


Special features of the student life in Sopron are the forestry students’ attire determined by the Selmec traditions, the greeting “GOOD LUCK”, and the university and student ceremonies organised according to centuries-old rules, which enrich students with life long memories and friendships.

Characteristics of the Education at our Faculty

The Faculty of Forestry has great traditions, and it is known and recognised all over the world. The majority of our lecturers have advanced degrees, and many of them are internationally acknowledged experts. Their educational work is complemented by the lectures of guest professors coming from different fields of the profession.

Nurturing talent has great traditions at our faculty, as students are involved in the research of the departments, and our student circles and intellectual workshops are operating successfully.

There is a great emphasis laid on foreign language teaching. Some of our elective subjects are taught in English, and we encourage our students to study at foreign educational institutions.
There are five programs at the Faculty of Forestry offered at BSc and MSc levels. Elective subjects offer students an insight into other professional fields as well. There are opportunities for concurrent education, or involvement in the programs of other domestic and foreign educational institutions.

  • Forest Engineering Program (5 years undivided, full-time MSc education)
  • Environmental Engineering Program (3.5 years full-time BSc / 2 years full-time and correspondence MSc education)
  • Surveyor and Land Management Program (3.5 years full-time BSc education)
  • Nature Conservation Program (3.5 years full-time BSc / 2 years full-time and correspondence MSc education)
  • Wildlife Management Program (3.5 years full-time BSc / 2 years full-time and correspondence MSc education)

It is possible to continue studies and research at the Roth Gyula Doctoral School of Forestry and Wildlife Management Sciences .


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