1. Budget

EU budget of the project is 140.000 euro

2. General Principles

In order to be eligible under this call for proposals, costs must:

  • be connected with the subject of the specific agreement and they must be provided for in the estimated budget annexed to it;
  • be necessary for carrying out the action covered by the specific agreement;
  • be reasonable and justified and they must accord with the principles of sound financial management, in particular in terms of value for money and cost-effectiveness;
  • be generated during the period of eligibility for Community funding as specified in the specific agreement;
  • be actually incurred by the partners, be recorded in their accounts in accordance with the applicable accounting principles, and be declared in accordance with the requirements of the applicable tax and social legislation;
  • be identifiable and verifiable.
  • The partner' internal accounting and auditing procedures must permit direct reconciliation of the costs and revenue declared in respect of the action with the corresponding accounting statements and supporting documents.

3. Eligible costs

Eligible direct costs

The eligible costs for the project are those costs which, with due regard for the conditions of eligibility set out above, are identifiable as specific costs directly linked to the performance of the project and which can therefore be booked to it directly. The following costs are eligible, provided that they satisfy the criteria set out in the previous paragraph:

  • a flat rate amount of 18.000 € for expenses incurred by consortium partners;
  • mobility scholarships for students and faculty members at 1.000 € per month and student/faculty member;
  • contributions towards travel and relocation costs of 1.000 € per student/faculty member receiving a mobility scholarship.

4. Principles applied to student/faculty members mobility scholarships including travel costs

Under the EU-Canada programme, mobility scholarships for EU students/faculty members are budgeted at 1.000 Euros per month per student/faculty member plus a 1.000 Euros for travel and relocation. The stipend money is a block allocation intended to offset additional costs incurred by students/faculty members travelling abroad over the costs of remaining at the home institution. Tuition or other kinds of fees are not eligible for funding. Mobility stipends may not be used to move EU students/faculty members within the EU.

Monthly allowances and travel/relocation lump sums must be paid in full to the mobile student/faculty.