Greetings from the Dean

Let me introduce the Faculty of Forestry to You.

You can recognise us, our history, accomplishments, aims through these pages. We would like to reveal our achievements and development in the fields of education and research.


Higher education has been changed significantly in the past few decades. A range of new opportunities has been opened for our students. New ways of training (universities, faculties and courses) have been developed and the frontiers are not regarded as obstacles any more for someone to be keen on learning and getting experiences abroad.


Not only training of forestry engineers is going on the Faculty of Forestry, but our educational supply has expanded with agrarian (wildlife management, nature conservation), technological (environmental engineer) and natural scientific (expert in applied environmental studies) courses, as well.
Our more than 200-year-old Faculty has proved that it is ready and able to improve, building upon ancestral roots, as well as to train adequate specialists to the requirements of our age.


Now, I am greeting You loyally to our Selmec-Sopron traditions: Good luck! Greeting to the Forester!

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