Csaba Mátyás


Forest engineer, graduate of University of Technology, Dresden, Germany 1967

Researcher of Forest Research Institute, Hungary until 1985

Professor at the University of Sopron from 1986

Visiting professor, Toronto University, Canada

Fulbright scholar, Insitute of Forest Genetics, California

Fellow, Academy of Sciences, Hungary since 2004

Founder, NEESPI Focus Research Center for Nonboreal Eastern Europe 2008

Coordinator, forest genetic research for IUFRO

Organised 4th Consultation on Forest Genetic Resources in Beijing, China 1998

Co-founder of EUFORGEN

Thematic leader in the EU project FORGER

Main domestic research project: Agrárklima.2 Decision Support System for Forestry and Agriculture,

Received IUFRO’s medal for Distiguished Services


E-mail: matyas.csaba (at) uni-sopron.hu